• Aqen Incandescent Lamp Colormax 25wt 1pk
  • Aqen Incandescent Lamp Colormax 25wt 1pk
    BRAND: Central Garden & Pet - Aquatic  |  SKU: AQE40217

    Aqueon - Incandescent T10 Bulb Colormax 25W. Aquarium Incandescent Lamps. Ideal for Desktop Aquariums. Fits most incandescent aquarium fixtures (E26 standard medium sockets). Highlights natural colors and enhances the appearance of tropical fish and live plants. Aquarium: Incandescent Bulbs 2...

  • $3.25

  • Aqen Quiet Flow Internal Fltr Up To 10g
  • Aqen Quiet Flow Internal Fltr Up To 10g
    BRAND: Central Garden & Pet - Aquatic  |  SKU: AQE06970

    Aqueon - Quiet Flow Internal Filter 10G. Aquarium: Submersible Filters Fully submersible in vertical or horizontal position. Adjustable direction and height of return. Adjustable flow rate. Ideal for aquarium or terarium tanks up to 10 gallons.

  • $24.85

  • Aquaflora Plastic Plant 12" White Lily
  • Aquaflora Plastic Plant 12" White Lily
    BRAND: Aquarium Industrial Deep Blue  |  SKU: ADB85538

    Deep Blue Professional - AquaFlora Plastic Plant 12" White Lily. AquaFlora plastic plants combine the natural beauty of live plants with the easy care and low maintenance of artificial plants. The natural-looking vibrantly-colored foliage is securely connected to the clear plastic anchor base that k...

  • $4.25

  • Blue Ribbon Colorburst Plant Ocean Grass Neon Purple
  • Blue Ribbon Colorburst Plant Ocean Grass Neon Purple
    BRAND: Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Inc.  |  SKU: ABLCB2102NPP

    Designed in bright fluorescent colors, this gravel base plant anchors nicely, with soft plastic leaves & branches that are sturdy enough to stand up on their own, but soft enough to sway in the water. Safe for fresh or salt water. Royal Item Number: ABLCB2102NPP

  • $12.55

  • Chemi Clean 2 Gm.
  • Chemi Clean 2 Gm.
    BRAND: Boyd Enterprises  |  SKU: ABE16714

    Chemi-Clean eradicates dangerous red, maroon and methane produce algae. Chemi-Clean inhibits growth of brown and hair algae. Royal Item Number: ABE16714

  • $17.80

  • Coralife Aqualight Double Strip Lights T5 24
  • Coralife Aqualight Double Strip Lights T5 24
    BRAND: Central Garden & Pet - Aquatic  |  SKU: ACL08600

    Satisfy high lighting requirements with the power of two compact fluorescent bulbs. Aqualight Double Strip Lights have twice the light output and features a stylish, yet durable, anodized aluminum housing, energy efficient internal electronic ballast, and silent built-in cooling fans for reliable a...

  • $162.95

  • Fusion D?cor Cleaning Brush
  • Fusion D?cor Cleaning Brush
    BRAND: Doskocil Mfg Co Dba Petmate  |  SKU: AJW21280

    The D?cor Cleaning Brush is perfect for cleaning plastic plants, ornaments and rocks. The sturdy bristles remove algae and clean surfaces. The rubber, non-slip grip and strong no-flex handle help to give you a comfortable and sturdy grip. The d?cor cleaning brush also offers a curved design for eas...

  • $3.10

  • Hikari Betta Revive
  • Hikari Betta Revive
    BRAND: Hikari Sales, U.S.a., Inc.  |  SKU: AHK71100

    Betta Revive™ offers an easy-to-use dispenser and treats 16 ounces of water with just one drop. For times when your betta is suffering from various disease issues, look no further than Aquarium Solutions to help you resolve the issue. 0. 08 oz bottle treats 5 Gallons.

  • $1.45

  • Kaytee Soft Sorbent Pillow Pack 6/10LITER
  • Kaytee Soft Sorbent Pillow Pack 6/10liter
    BRAND: Kaytee Products Inc  |  SKU: SKT54172

    KAYTEE Soft-Sorbent is made from wood fibers that are not suitable for paper production. Rather than be discarded, the fiber is converted into a soft, highly absorbent form that provides a great cage environment for small animals, birds and reptiles. Soft and comfortable, earth friendly, great for ...

  • $40.80

  • Lifegard Strainer 1/2" MP Low Profile Strainer
  • Lifegard Strainer 1/2" Mp Low Profile Strainer
    BRAND: Lifegard Aquatics  |  SKU: ARP441009

    Aquarium: Water Valves & Bulkheads The low profile screen is molded of highest impact resistant PVC eliminating possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling aquarium. Versatile low proflie screen will just press into place. Royal Item Number: ARP441009MINIMUM ORDER FOR THIS ITEM: 3

  • $2.90

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