• 8in1 Erliworm 4 oz.
  • 8in1 Erliworm 4 Oz.
    BRAND: United Pet Group - Spectrum  |  SKU: DEOJ715

    Safe and effective against large roundworms (toxocara canis and toxoscaris leonina). Formulated with taste dogs love.

  • $6.55

  • Algae Fix 16 Oz Bottle
  • Algae Fix 16 Oz Bottle
    BRAND: Mars Fishcare North  |  SKU: AAP87E

    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals - Algaefix. A revolutionary new product for controlling many types of algae in freshwater aquariums containing live plants and fish. Keeps freshwater aquariums clean and clear. 16 oz. bottle (473 ml). 16 oz 473 ml

  • $18.35

  • Aquatic Turtle Uvb & Heat Lighting Kit
  • Aquatic Turtle Uvb & Heat Lighting Kit
    BRAND: Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.  |  SKU: SZMLF32

    Zoo Med - Aquatic Turtle UVB & hEAT lIGHTING kIT. Aquatic Turtle UVB & Heat Lighting Kit Includes: Mini Combo Deep Dome: Dual ceramic sockets for use with lamps up to 100 watts (each socket). Dual on/off switches for greater convenience. Turtle Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp 50 watts: Heavy dust...

  • $50.75

  • Brightwell Garlic Power Concentrated Supplement 1 oz. 30 ml.
  • Brightwell Garlic Power Concentrated Supplement 1 Oz. 30 Ml.
    BRAND: Brightwell Aquatics  |  SKU: ABAGAR30

    Delivers the nutritional benefits of raw garlic to fishes primarily by being applied to their food. Consists solely of preserved extract of raw garlic with a small amount of vitamin-C as a preservative. Does not require refrigeration. Formulated by a marine scientist. Liquid Royal Item Number: ABA...

  • $15.85

  • Deep Blue High Performance Air Stone - 4" Disk
  • Deep Blue High Performance Air Stone - 4" Disk
    BRAND: Aquarium Industrial Deep Blue  |  SKU: ADB12108

    High Performance Air Stone - 4 Disk (10CM) Highly porous long lasting air diffuser provides even aeration. Royal Item Number: ADB12108MINIMUM ORDER FOR THIS ITEM: 3

  • $4.60

  • Estes Black Slate - Assorted Size - 25lb
  • Estes Black Slate - Assorted Size - 25lb
    BRAND: Clifford W Estes Co., Inc.  |  SKU: AES71810

    Estes' has been America's number one manufacturer of aquarium aggregates for over forty years. Their products are non-toxic and safe to use in aquariums, terrariums and planters. Royal Item Number: AES71810

  • $43.65

  • Kent Reef Carbon 2 Gallon
  • Kent Reef Carbon 2 Gallon
    BRAND: Central Garden & Pet - Aquatic  |  SKU: AKMRC7

    Removes organic pollutants, stains, and entrained toxic gases in marine and freshwater aquariums or ponds. Contains the finest pelletized activated bituminous coal based carbon. Pore size is in the 20 to 2,000 Angstrom range, ideally suited for removal of large organic molecules. Super activated wi...

  • $59.95

  • Kordon NovAqua Plus 8OZ
  • Kordon Novaqua Plus 8oz
    BRAND: Kordon Llc  |  SKU: AKD33148

    NovAqua+ is the new generation of NovAquas, it is the latest stage of technological development in water conditioners for aquariums and ponds. NovAqua+ is the most effective of the tap water conditioners for benefiting aquatic life But it goes far beyond that. NovAqua+ provides, in a single product...

  • $7.00

  • Lee's Airline Tubing Standard - 500ft Roll
  • Lee's Airline Tubing Standard - 500ft Roll
    BRAND: Lee'S Aquarium & Pet Prod  |  SKU: ALE14520

    Crystal clear tubing is marked each foot to aid in measuring at point of sale. Lee's imprint appears once within each foot to identify the source. Customized printing is also available. Three grades are offered in 500' spools. Royal Item Number: ALE14520

  • $72.45

  • Loving Pets 3 lb. Carbon Bag
  • Loving Pets 3 Lb. Carbon Bag
    BRAND: Loving Pets Inc.  |  SKU: ALV2203

    This prewashed Filter Carbon is a superb choice in cleaning the impurities from the tank and helps promote a better fresher environment for your fish. Royal Item Number: ALV2203

  • $4.30

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